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Water Department
Contact TypeContact Information
Berlin Water Works
55 Willow Street
Berlin, NH 03570
(603) 752-1677
(603) 752-3055
Alternate Phone:
(603) 752-3011
Monday- Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Fridays 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

After Hours call for Emergency - 603-752-3131
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To improve Berlin Water Works processes to meet and exceed all state and federal requirements and at the same time maintain at current levels or reduce cutomer water cost.

BWW cost control will be a result of organizational development and reduced staffing through retirementattrition.

Capital Improvements will be focused on reducing unplanned and repeatative work and performing more planned work.

BWW will select, train, and develop a highly competent staff.

BWW will continuously review water system security issues and work towards improving security as required to safeguard public health and safety, and to reduce the potentialfor disruption of a reliable supply of pressurized water.

BWW will actively support the acquisition of new water customers. We will work with potential new customers to expand the BWW distribution system, add new customers and improve fire protection capabilities.

Berlin Water Works planning goals are:

1.  Comply with all State and Federal Safe Drinking Water Regulations and Standards, SDWA regulation for lead and copper in drinking water. Berlin Water Works in May 2002 submitted 60 samples for testing.

2.  Provide all customers with a minimum of 20psi water pressure.

3.  Eliminate all small diameter water mains (mostly 2-inch galvanized) to improve pressure, flow, fire protection capabilites and water quality to customers.

4.  Eliminate the running water during the winter months. Due mains and services in shallow trenches. In 2001, Berlin Water Works had 1003 of 3500 customers on the winter running water program.

5.  Improve the dependability of the distribution system. Replace water mains that have a high frequency of failures. Nearly all of the remaining water mains that fail are cast iron unlined pipe - vintage 1890 thru 1930's. These mains are usually have

6.  When scoring projects, try to consolidate work into one area or adjacent areas of the city to improve construction logistics.

7.  Reduce/change nature of work load so that the department staffing and cost can be reduced while providing improving customer service.

8.  Hydrant upgrading program - test, label, review all locations for long term improvements.

9.  Improve water quality uniformity throughout the distribution system - residual chlorine, PH, alkalinity, corrosivity.

10.  Reduce unaccounted water usage.

City of Berlin 168 Main Street Berlin, NH 03570 (603) 752-7532
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