Information about Berlin ATV Trails & Jericho Mountain State Park


  • Whereas, the City of Berlin is centrally located in an active area of All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) use; and
  • Whereas, the City of Berlin is creating a 21st century center of commerce focused on a community effort based on a variety of local and regional outdoor recreational experiences; and
  • Whereas, the City of Berlin is the host community for the Jericho Mountain State Park which contains 7,500 acres of ATV trails on beautiful wooded parkland; and
  • Whereas, the Berlin City Council recognizes the  importance of  connecting the Success Trails on the east side of the City to the Jericho Mountain State Park Trails located on the west side of the City  to  encourage even more growth of ATV activity; and
  • Whereas, the connected trail will provide riders with close to 100 miles of ATV trails, with more mileage expected to be available in the future; and
  • Whereas, the City of Berlin will work to safely promote active ATV use through its downtown in an effort to promote economic activity; and
  • Whereas, the City of Berlin welcomes all terrain vehicles and encourages everyone to visit its unique Jericho Mountain State Park and the connecting trail systems, boasting some of the best views in New England.

As Mayor of the City of Berlin, I hereby proclaim the opening of this cross-town connector ATV trail as a grand beginning of another great recreational asset and opportunity for the many people in New England who enjoy trail-riding, and I wish to warmly welcome these people to the finest trail-riding venue in New England.

David Bertrand, Mayor (2007-2009)
City of Berlin, New Hampshire