Charter Chapter 11.5

Site Plan Review

Cross References: Administration, Ch. 2; subdivisions, Ch. 14; zoning and land use, Ch. 17; planning board, § 17-46 et seq.; site regulations, § 17-456 et seq.


Sec. 11.5-1. Authorization.

Pursuant to RSA 674:43, the planning board for the city shall be authorized to review and approve or disapprove site plans for the development or change or expansion of use of tracts for nonresidential uses, whether or not such development includes a subdivision or resubdivision of the site, and such planning board may, pursuant to RSA 674:44, adopt site plan review regulations, provided, however, that such planning board shall not purport to exercise its power to review and approve or disapprove site plans unless and until it has lawfully adopted such site plan review regulations.

(Ord. of 5-20-91)

Sec. 11.5-2. Delegation of powers and duties.

The planning board shall be authorized to delegate its site review powers and duties with regard to minor site plans to a committee of technically qualified administrators chosen by the planning board from among the city's administrative personnel as provided for in RSA 674:43, III, provided, however, that any final decision of the committee may be appealed to the planning board upon written notice of such appeal filed with the planning board within twenty (20) days of the committee's decision; provided further that upon any such appeal the planning board may require such materials and information provided for in its regulations, whether or not such requirements had been waived by the committee.

(Ord. of 5-20-91)

Sec. 11.5-3. Regulations to specify application, acceptance and approval procedures.

Any regulations which may be adopted by the planning board pursuant to this chapter, if such regulations provide for delegation to a committee as provided hereinabove, shall specify application, acceptance and approval procedures with respect to such committee and shall further define by size and kind what site plans may be approved or disapproved by the committee.

(Ord. of 5-20-91)