Genealogy & Cemetery Sales

Genealogical Research

New Hampshire Division of Vital Records Access Policies:

New Hampshire Vital Records are Considered to be closed records and access to them is restricted by statute to those individuals who have a "Direct and Tangible Interest" (proof must be provided) in the record.

Certain older records are exempt from these access restrictions.

Birth records prior to 1916; death and marriages and divorce records prior to 1966 are available with unrestricted access. Individuals wishing to research these "Genealogical" records may do so by visiting or contacting:

Genealogical Research Center
71 South Fruit Street

For Berlin and Coos County:

The Moffet House has two Genealogy Rooms for research in New England and Canada, open Tuesday through Saturday 12:00 to 4:00pm and Wednesday Evenings 6:00 to 8:00pm. (603) 752-4590 or (603) 752-7337

They are located at:Mail to:

119 High Street

Berlin, NH  03570

P.O. Box 52

Berlin, NH  03570

Berlin City Cemeteries

Old City Cemetery: located on East Milan Road directly behind White Mountain Lumber Company.

New City Cemetery: located on East Milan Road on the west side heading towards Milan.

Russian City Cemetery: located on East Milan Road, East side of the road

Hillside City Cemetery: located on Cates Hill adjacent to the new Catholic Cemetery

Cost of Burial Lots:  (June 2, 2003 Resolution)         

  • 1-Grave Lot:     $450.00
  • 2-Grave Lot:     $900.00
  • 3-Grave Lot:     $1,350.00
  • 6-Grave Lot:     $2,700.00 Total

Grave Opening/Closing (year round)

  • Full Burial:               $500.00
  • Cremains Burial:     $250.00

Saturday/Sunday Burials: $75.00 Extra flat fee charge to cover PWD overtime costs

Veteran Exemption: A Berlin resident who perishes in the line of duty while serving in active duty shall not incur burial costs if buried in a city cemetery.

Local Funeral Homes

Bryant Funeral HomesFleury-Patry Funeral Homes

180 Hillside Avenue

Berlin, NH 03570        


72 High Street

Berlin, NH 03570