Licensing Your Dog

Which dogs must be licensed?

All dogs living in the City of Berlin, includingDog puppies who have received their first rabies shot.

Where and how do I license my dog?

Dog licenses are issued by the City Clerk's Department located at 168 Main Street, weekdays between the hoursDog of 8:30 am until Noon and 1:00 pm until 4:30 pm.  Remember to bring the dog's current rabies certificate and spaying/neutering certificate, if applicable.

When do I license my dog?

A new adult dog should be licensed immediately, and a puppy can be licensed as soon as the puppyDog receives its first rabies shot. Dog Licenses must be renewed annually by April 30th.


What is the annual fee to license my dog?

Spayed/neutered dogs and puppies under 7 months$ 6.50
Male and female dogs (not spayed or neutered)$ 9.00
Kennel License for 5 or more dogs$ 20.00
Senior Citizens$2.00 for the first dog, fees as above for additional dogs
Late fees$1.00 for each month after May that the license is not renewed.