Registering to Vote

New Hampshire residents who will be 18 years or older on election day may register to vote in the town or city in which they live.

There is no minimum period of time you are required to have lived in the state before being allowed to register. You may register as soon as you move into your new community.

How to Register

Apply at your town or city clerk’s office. You will be required to fill out a standard application form.

It may be easier for you to register with your community’s Supervisors of the Checklist. By law, the Supervisors are required to hold one session prior to each election. Check the local newspapers or call your clerk’s office for the dates and times of such meetings. Registering 10 days prior to the election gets your name on the printed checklist thus saving time and inconvenience.

If you are qualified to vote, you may also register at a polling place on election day. You will be asked to fill out an election day affidavit stating that you are not voting anywhere else. If you don’t have a birth certificate, passport, or naturalization papers as proof of citizenship, you will be required to complete a citizenship affidavit swearing that you are a citizen of the United States and at least 18 years old.

Absentee Registration

If you meet the state’s voter requirements and qualifications and are unable to register in person because of physical disability, religious beliefs, military service, or because of temporary absence, you may register by mail. You should request an Absentee Registration Affidavit and a Voter Registration Card from your city clerk. The Absentee Registration Affidavit must be witnessed and then both the affidavit and the voter registration card are to be returned to your city clerk.

Political Parties

When registering to vote, you will not be required to register as a member of a political party – you may register as an undeclared voter. However, while all registered voters are allowed to vote in a general election, only party members can vote in a primary election. Undeclared voters who want to vote in a primary will be required to declare a party preference at the polls.

If you are a party member or an undeclared voter and wish to change your registration status, initiate such a change by taking one of the following steps:

Meet with the Supervisors of the Checklist no later than 90 days before a primary, the last day to change your political party and still be eligible to vote in the primary election, or register the change with your city clerk by that date.

If you are a registered member of a party, you may change your registration at any primary, however, you will not be allowed to vote in that primary. Undeclared voters may declare a party and vote at any primary. The law allows an undeclared voter to declare a party at the polls, vote the ballot of that party, and then change their party affiliation back to undeclared simply by completing the form available from the Supervisors of the Checklist at the polling place.

Berlin's Voting Wards

  • Precinct 1 – Recreation Department, 672 First Avenue
  • Precinct 2 – St Anne Hall - 304 School Street
  • Precinct 4 – Community Bible Church, 593 Sullivan Street (formerly Guardian Angel Church)