Site Plan Review Checklist

Name of Site Plan Review Application                                                                                 


Location of Property                                                                                                               

Date Application Submitted                                                                             

A complete Site Plan Review Application shall consist of:            

               a) a completed application form,

               b) application fees as specified in the regulations,

               c) a list of abutter names and addresses obtained from the City records not more than five days prior to filing the application, and the names and addresses of any holders of conservation, preservation or agricultural preservation restrictions,

               d)  a plat which, at a minimum, include the items listed below unless a waiver, which must be submitted in writing, from any of these items is granted by the Board. Four (4) paper copies plus two (2) reproducible Mylar copies of the plat shall be submitted with the application.

Site Plan Review Plat Requirements:

               a) Maximum sheet size shall be 22" x 34";

               b) Name of project or identifying title, address and tax map and lot number of property.

               c) Name and address of the applicant and the owner of the property if different from the applicant.

               d) The seal, name and address of every engineer, architect, land surveyor, soil scientist, or other licensed professional who contributed to the plat.

               e) Date, scale, north arrow, locus map showing location of property in context to the City and surrounding zoning districts.

               f) Boundary lines showing dimensions and bearings, and the lot area in acres and square feet.

               g) Existing and proposed grades shown by topographic contours at two (2) foot intervals; with spot elevations and base flood elevations where appropriate.

               h) Location, width and purpose of all existing and proposed easements, rights-of-way or deed restrictions on the property.

               I) Location of all existing natural features such as rivers, streams, lakes, ponds or wetlands, and other significant physical features such as rock ledges, boulders and stone walls,  and where applicable, the 100-year base flood elevation;

               j) Location, design, size and height of all existing and proposed buildings, signs, fences, and walls;

               k) Location, name and widths of any existing and proposed roads on the property and those existing within 200 feet of the site. New roads shall be constructed in accordance with the provisions contained in the “City of Berlin Subdivision Regulations” and “City of Berlin Minimum Standards for Subdivision Streets”.

               l) Location of existing and proposed sidewalks and driveways, with indication of direction of travel. Vehicular and pedestrian circulation and emergency access for police, fire and emergency equipment shall be shown.

               m) Identification of access to the site, sight distance at the access point(s), curb cuts and proposed changes (if any) to existing streets and copy of any driveway permit(s).

               n) Location and total number of parking spaces, loading spaces and associated with the use.

               o) Location and type of pads and enclosures for refuse containers.

               p) A landscape plan showing the location, type and size of all existing and proposed landscaping and screening.

               q) The location, type, height and orientation of all existing and proposed exterior lighting.

               r) A utilities plan including location and supporting design calculations for proposed sanitary sewer, storm drainage, and public water supply. This utilities plan shall be prepared by a registered professional engineer licensed in the state of New Hampshire.

Other Application Requirements:

               a) The application shall be accompanied by any necessary Federal, State or local permits and approvals, including but not limited to permits and approvals from City of Berlin Board of Adjustment, NH Department of Transportation, NH Department of Environmental Services or NH Water Supply and Pollution Control Commission.

               b) An Erosion Control Plan which meets the design standards and specifications set forth in the “Erosion and Sedimentation Control Design Handbook for Developing Areas in New Hampshire.” (USDA Soil Conservation Service) shall be submitted where one or more of the following conditions are proposed:

  • a cumulative disturbed area exceeding 20,000 square feet;
  • construction of a road or street.

               c) Environmental Impact Analysis.

               d) Traffic impact analysis or traffic study.

               e) Such other information as deemed necessary by the Board in order to apply the regulations.

SPRCHECK.LST, July 21, 1998