Police Officer Job Opportunities

Police Officer Hiring

The City of Berlin is now accepting applications for police officer.

Dates for Written Exam and Physical Ability Test will be announced at a later date.

Selection Requirements:  We generally run selection processes for the position of police officer two or three times per year. Our process is highly selective.

Candidates shall have no inappropriate body art, tattoos, intentional scarring or mutilation that would be visible while wearing a short sleeve uniform. 

Selection Process Steps

Our selection process has eight steps. Successful candidates must complete all eight:

1.Written exam

2.Physical ability test

3.Oral board (panel interview)

4.Background investigation

5.Polygraph exam

6.Psychological examination

7.Interview with the Chief of Police

8.Physical exam

We utilize the same physical fitness standards used by The New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council to determine admission to the New Hampshire Police Academy.  The physical fitness tests are based on the Cooper Aerobics Institute standards.  For the Full-time Police Officer Academy you must pass at least the 35th percentile on both the entrance and exit tests. The Part-time Officer Academy and Law Package Students must pass at least the 35th percentile on the entrance test (there is no exit test).  ****Do not attend Physical Ability Testing without having practiced the test.  A vast majority of applicants underestimate the difficulty of the test and are not successful. ****


The Berlin Police Department welcomes applications from both certified (lateral) and non-certified candidates. Certified candidates currently employed as full-time police officers are exempt from the written exam but participate in all other phases of testing.

Salary & Contact Information:  Current starting base pay for police officers is $52,062.00 annually, upon completion of training. This does not include paid holidays or overtime.  Certified Police Officers may be eligible for assistance in buying-out an existing contract.  

Feel free to contact Deputy Chief Dan Buteau with any additional questions by email, [email protected] or by calling at 603-752-3131 X 106.

Applications for Patrol Officer can be found at this link:   Patrol Officer Application