Winter- Snow, Ice, Sand and Salt

City of Berlin Public Works would like to remind residents and commercial property owners of some Winter housekeeping issues. Regulary plowed Sidewalks and edges of streets are to be kept clear for plowing.(list of plowed sidewalks can be seen below)  Things such as basketball hoops, toys, nets, (downtown)flower boxes, etc should be removed from sidewalks and edges of streets for plowing accessibility.  

Private plowers must not push snow into any right of way, the streets or regularly plowed sidewalks. Stated in the City Ordinance Sect 13-4(b) A person may deposit or place snow from private property either along the street side of their own property line or along the property line of property owners either across the street or to either side, so long as these property owners have given written permission to do so. All such snow must be placed in a smooth manner along the existing snow banks and will not interfere with the public ways by protruding into the roadway or creating traffic hazards or obstructions to any neighboring properties

Link to: City of Berlin Snow & Ice Policy

Contains the following information:

  • Sand and Salt Data
  • Plow Routes
  • Sidewalks to be Plowed
  • Sand and Salt Barrel Locations
  • Winter Workforce Requirements
  • Snow Removal Equipment Inventory 

Sand & Salt Available to Berlin Residents

Sand is available to Residents of Berlin at the Public Works Garage,10 Jericho Road. You may pick this up anytime at your convenience, but it is only available to Berlin residents, it is not for commercial use.  Sand barrels are also placed in designated areas in the city, this is also for Berlin residential use only.

Salt may be purchased by Berlin residents also.  You must go to the City Hall Public Works office on the 3rd floor to purchase the salt and obtain a receipt. Residents can then take their receipt and their container to one of the Public Works employees, at 10 Jericho Road, during the hours of 7:00 to 3:00, Monday through Friday.

  • 5 gallon pail is $4.00
  • 55 gallon drum is $40.00.