Berlin Airport Authority

Duties & Responsibilities (excerpts from City Charter):

Membership of the Authority:

The mayor of the City of Berlin, the chairman of the commissioners of Coos County, the chairman of the board of selectmen of the Town of Milan, [ex-officios] together with a member of the city council of the City of Berlin from each of the four (4) wards shall constitute the authority, and shall be vested with all the powers and charged with all the duties here in after granted to and imposed upon said authority.

Appointive Agency and Term:

The city council shall elect four (4) members of said authority by electing one from each ward of said City of Berlin who shall serve for the balance of their term in said city council.

Declaration of Purpose:

The establishment, ownership, operation and maintenance of said airport and all auxiliary facilities are declared to be for public purposes as an aid to national and state defense and for the convenience of the public, and the authority shall be regarded as performing a governmental function in carrying out the provisions of this act. The authority, the County of Coos, the City of Berlin and the Town of Milan shall enjoy immunity from all tort liability in connection with said facilities and activities and the said immunity shall not be affected or lost by reason of the receipt of profit, fees, revenue, income, rentals, or any particular or specific return whatsoever.


The authority shall have the power:

  • To sue and be sued.
  • To select and have a seal.
  • To adopt by-laws, not inconsistent with this act, for the conduct of its business.
  • To acquire, hold and dispose of , in any manner, real and personal property deemed necessary of desirable for its purposes.
  • To construct, maintain, reconstruct, improve, enlarge, operate and manage said airport.
  • To accept grants and the cooperation of the United States of America, the state of New Hampshire, or any agencies thereof, in the construction, maintenance, reconstruction, improvement and operation of said airport, and to do any and all things necessary in order to avail itself of such aid and cooperation, and the authority is specifically authorized to enter into agreements with the federal government and the State of New Hampshire through its various agencies relative to the acquisition of said airport and its extension, improvement and operation.
  • To prescribe and publish rules and regulations governing the use of said airport.
  • To levy and collect reasonable fees, not prohibited by law, for use of said airport and its facilities.
  • To grant leases of the facilities of the airport for reasonable periods of time.
  • To employ such assistants, agents and servants, professional, technical, or otherwise as it shall deem necessary of desirable for its purposes, and fix their compensation.
  • To do all other lawful acts necessary and incidental to the foregoing powers.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Susan Tremblay Administrative Assistant (603) 752-7532
Marcel Leveille Airport Manager 603-449-2168


Name Title
Michael Rozek Vice-Chair (City Council)
Paul Grenier Chair (Mayor)
Tom Brady Commissioner (Coos County Rep.)
Bud Chapman Commissioner (Milan Rep.)
Mark Eastman Commissioner
Peter Higbee Commissioner
Russ Otis Commissioner