Tax Collector

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Balance cash and all accounts collected on a daily basis.
  • Balance all accounts on a monthly basis and year end basis. Prepare year-end reports for the City and the Department of Revenue.
  • Process NH Motor Vehicle Registrations and all related reports and inventories.
  • Process and mail property tax bills.
  • Prepare and mail delinquent notices for property taxes, sewer fees, current use, timber, excavation and special warrants.  Notice includes all prior years’ liens.
  • Coordinate and prepare all remaining unpaid accounts for impending lien notices to be mailed via certified mail. If the accounts are not paid by the due date, a tax lien is executed against the property, with a copy sent to the Registry of Deeds to be recorded. When the tax lien is paid in full, a redemption report is mailed to the Registry of Deeds so the lien can be released.
  • Prepare deeding notices for tax lien accounts that are approaching the due date. These are sent via certified mail.  
  • Initiate tax deeds to the City for not-payment of tax liens; deeds then sent to the Registry of Deeds for recording. Preparing Opportunity to Repurchase letters and processing payments received.
  • Daily telephone calls from banks, mortgage companies, attorneys, real estate offices and the general public requesting tax information pay off figures and other information.
  • Prepare paperwork on bankruptcies and foreclosures in order to keep an accurate record of outstanding taxes due.
  • Prepare electronic files for banks and tax service companies for payment of property taxes.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Patty Chase Finance Director / Tax Collector
Jan Gagnon Assistant Comptroller
Kristia Davis Senior Collections Clerk
Account Clerk Account Clerk