City of Berlin seeking new round of proposals for the reuse of Brown School

Brown School Main Street photo

The City is taking proposals for the reuse of Brown School.

City of Berlin
Request for Preliminary Proposals
Sale by City of Real Property

The City of Berlin is seeking preliminary proposals for the purchase and development of the property commonly known as the Brown Elementary School located at 190 Norway Street on 1.2 +/- acres of land (Tax Map 127 Lot 268) at the City Manager's Office, 168 Main Street, Berlin, NH through Thursday October 7, 2021 at 2:00pm EST.
The City is interested in obtaining preliminary proposals that express interest in the property by outlining the proposed business use of the property, demonstrated experience in the field or with a similar business/project, and preliminary project schedule through the start of business operations for the proposed project. Interviews may be conducted as part of this proposal process at no cost or obligation to the City. Parties who are interested for speculation purposes will not be considered. The building has a gross area of 25,416 square feet and is situated in a Business General Zone and has a large onsite paved area in the front of the building fronting on Main Street.
While the proposed price paid for the school will be one of the determining factors, other factors such as; whether the project produces property tax revenue, utilizes the entire property, meets unmet community needs (example, lodging or retail establishments), the amount of positive impact on the overall community and to the immediate neighborhood, the timetable of the proposal and its financial viability will also be determining factors as solely determined by the City.  
Parties who are interested in making a preliminary proposal can download the RFP from the City website