Addiction Recovery Resources

The Berlin Police Department is committed to assisting those in need of Substance Abuse Recovery.  Below are many resources that have been provided to us, that individuals can use that could be of assistance.    

These websites were provided to the Berlin PD by individual treatment centers, facilities etc.. We do not endorse any particular resource, nor are we affiliated with any of them, however, we do hope that these help in the road to addiction recovery for those who need the assistance. These sites should not be used as a substitute for competent medical and/or treatment care.

“How Trauma and Substance Use Disorder Are Related”

NH Detox Resources -

NH Rehab Resources -

Local Detox Information -

The Doorway NH:  Through the Doorway NH, you will be connected to support, guidance and community, and access treatment, recovery, and self-sufficiency services.

Guidance and Resources from Rehab to Recovery:

Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative:

Information and Support for Addiction and Substance Abuse:                                                        

The Recovery Village Treatment Center & Resource Guides:

The Recovery Village Explains the Stages of Addiction:  

American Addiction Centers []