Proposed Ordinances/Resolutions

Resolution 2017-24 Authorizing an Application to the NH Public Infrastructure Fund for Life-Safety Infrastructure Repairs ($2,001,000.00) and Improving Security ($99,568.00)  

Ordinance 2017-07 Zoning for Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Resolution 2017-23 PD $120,000 Byrne JAG Grant

Resolution 2017-22 Accepting & Appropriating $8,750 from the NH Robotic Program to the Berlin School Department

Resolution 2017-21 Accepting & Appropriating $94,155 from the Nellie Mae Foundation to the Berlin School Department 

Resolution 2017-20 Appropriating $35,000 from the NH Charitable Foundation to the School Study of an Independent School Administrative Unit 

Resolution 2017-19 Authorizing CDFA Feasibility Study for 121 Main Street 

Ordinance 2017-06 Creating the Irene Ouellet Markovich Scholarship Fund

Resolution 2017-18 Authorizing an Application to the Dept of Safety for $20,000 for Opioid Abuse Reduction Initiative

Resolution 2017-17 Dedicating a Section of Route 110 to Tony Urban

Resolution 2017-16 Supporting Study of Independent School Administrative Unit

Resolution 2017-15 Accepting $203,779.42 & Appropriating to Transportation Projects 

Resolution 2017-14 Carry Over Grants

Resolution 2017-13 Carry Over Capital Funds

Resolution 2017-12 Appropriating School Funding to Capital Projects

Resolution 2017-11 Skate Park Grant

Resolution 2017-10 School Grants

Resolution 2017-09 Adopting the FY2018 Budget

Resolution 2017-08 Highway Safety Grants

Ordinance 2017-05 Zoning Map Change

Ordinance 2017-04 Zoning Amendment-Accessory Dwelling Units

Ordinance 2017-03 OHRV

Ordinance 2017-03 OHRV_with revisions

Ordinance 2017-02 Adding a Stop Sign at Memorial Lane

Resolution 2017-07 Accepting a Donation of Land

Resolution 2017-06 Authorizing an Application for $14,000 Grant for Trailhead Parking on Mt. Forist

Resolution 2017-05 Authorizing an Application for $12,000 for Feasibility Study of City Hall Elevator

Resolution 2017-04 Standardizing Fire Alarm System Components

Resolution 2017-03 Authorizing an Application to the USDA Rural Business Development Grant Program for $30,000 for Snowmelt System

Resolution 2017-02 Accepting a $5,000 Donation from Jericho Power LLC to the FD

Resolution 2017-01 Appropriating $58,483 to the PD for Outside Overtime

Ordinance 2017-01 Commercial Tax Exemption